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SQL injection is a web security vulnerability, in which an attacker injects malicious code or query which poisons SQL statements to comment out certain parts of the statement or appending a condition that will always be true (1 = 1) to modify the database or retrieve data that a normal…

Complete solution and explanation for bandit levels 4 and 5

Level 4 → Level 5

login : ssh -p 2220

the password is stored in a human-readable file in the inhere directory

  • let’s cd inhere into the directory and see the contents of the directory using the ls command
  • to find the human-readable file…

Complete walkthrough with explanation for level 0–3

Level 0

In this level, we have to log in to, on port 2220

username: bandit0

password: bandit0

  • to login via ssh go to the terminal and use:
  • ssh <username>@<url> <port>
  • ssh -p 2220
  • now once we are logged in, we have to…

So we have to hack into the given website and put Raging Inferno at the top of the list.


  • now, for raging inferno to get the highest vote we have to somehow increase their votes
  • let’s start by reading the page source
  • nothing very interesting there, but we can see how the votes are being entered
  • now we to change the value of the vote
  • by inspecting the element and changing the value
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Task 1 — Key Terms

  1. Is base64 encryption or encoding?


base64 is an encoding and not encryption as it is used for data integrity and to not keep it a secret from others.

Task 2 — What is a hash function?

1. What is the output size in bytes of the MD5 hash function?


This answer can be simply found by…

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Task 1 — John who?

No answer needed here, just read through and click on completed!

Task 2 — Setting up John the Ripper

  1. What is the most popular extended version of John the Ripper?

Jumbo John

Task 3 — Wordlists

  1. What website was the rockyou.txt wordlist created from a breach?

Task 4 — Cracking Basic Hashes

Before proceeding, download all the given task files.

  1. What type of hash is hash1.txt?


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